[time-nuts] great advice from the list

James R. Gorr n3toy at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 22:22:13 EDT 2007

Was looking around ebay this weekend and came across a
nice IFR-1900 service monitor.

 Item number: 160146014702

So many red flags popped up when I read the
description.  Starting bid was 300 and something, WAY
too cheap for such a clean unit...  The seller has a 0
(zero) feedback score...  Only been a registered user
since August 6th...  Seller only takes money order... 
Bad English for someone from Canada...

So, taking a hint from this group, I emailed the guy
and asked if it had the NTSC option installed.  Told
him to look in the rear for the NTSC input.  Here is
the reply I got back:

> Yes, it have the NTSC option installed. 
> It's a great IFR. Let me know, Pete


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