[time-nuts] WG: EZGPIB & other software

Alberto di Bene dibene at usa.net
Tue Aug 21 13:14:34 EDT 2007

Ulrich Bangert wrote:
> Friends,
> my Outlook holds an option under "International options" that reads
> "Codierung ausgehender Nachrichten automatisch wählen" which means as
> much as "Coding of outgoing mails is choosen automatically". I disabled
> that. Lets see it that works.
> Best regards
> Ulrich 


    I got both of your messages correctly. But when trying to reply to the message of Rob Kimberly, that contained the 
garbled characters, I got a warning from Thunderbird (my MUA) asking if I really wanted to send a message with UTF-8 
encoding. So probably (just a guess) those of us who are able to read messages that use the UTF-8 encoding did get your 
message correctly. The others, just garbled characters.

73  Alberto  I2PHD

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