[time-nuts] Fury Realhamradio listing

Peter Schmelcher nebula at telus.net
Wed Aug 22 03:34:14 EDT 2007

>thanks for the info. Not sure you can say 5 sample averages result in 1/5
>the error. I think you have to use 1/sqrt(5) if it's Gaussian noise. Well, a
>hanging bridge is hardly Gaussian, so maybe you are right.

I wondered about that as I wrote it.

>I talked to Paul Allan (Mr. Allan deviation) and Jack Kusters who both
>worked on the Z3816A development, and while they don't remember specifics, 
>did think that the unit has a 1ns TI measurement resolution per second.

Some 100ps step sizes are a little harder to get reported via GPSCon. Using 
19.095750 MHz no 100ps steps were missing when I adjusted the LO phase.

>It would be interesting to use a highly-stable 1PPS source without sawtooth
>(another Z3816A, or a Rubidium source etc) and replace the GPS receiver 1PPS
>and  see how the algorithms handle this...

I have been thinking of doing that. The setup is easy enough but measuring 
a 20ps step is a bit of a challenge with my gear.

Does any one know how to parse and convert the output log from winoncore?
I was thinking it would be interesting to get the carrier phase data from 
each space vehicle into Ulrich's plotter program for analysis.

BTW I opened the outer case of my MTI 260 OCXO and took some pictures. They 
are not very interesting but you can see the oven temperature adjustment 
pot. If anyone is curious I can email them to you. The size is about 0.12 meg.


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