[time-nuts] HP-5328A Channel C Board Replacement Question

Tom Clifton kc0vsj at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 11:21:50 EDT 2007

I am replacing a defective Channel C board in my
trusty 5328 counter. The old board is PN# 05328-20016
and the replacement (off eBay) is 05328-60045. Not
quite plug-N-play...  The new board has an SMA
connector (I can handle that) and also has three wires
hanging off it the old board doesn't...

A blue wire 'jmp' and two grey wires 'TP-' and 'TP+'
They have push on connectors that obviously go to a
.010 post somewhere in their former life.

I have no clue.. Can someone enlighten me?

73 - Tom in St. Louis

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