[time-nuts] HP E1938 Web Page

Christopher Hoover ch at murgatroid.com
Tue Aug 28 16:38:05 EDT 2007

Brooke Clarke wrote:
> I'm working on a web page for the E1938 and have received a bunch of
> files from
> Rick.  One of them is a .HPG of a schematic.  I've tried to use
> IrfanView, but
> it's a program I normally don't use and all the images are way too
> coarse to be
> useable.  Is there a way to convert it to something that can be read?

HPG is hpgl.  It is a vector format.

The best idea would be to convert them to the free web standard vector
format SVG and the second best idea would to pdf.  Any raster format should
be avoided.

As far as conversion, hp2xx can do it.  If you've got a Debian Linux box,
just "apt-get install hp2xx" to install it.

See http://www.murgatroid.com/tmp/E1938_asdrawb/ for the results.  The
Makefile shows how I invoked the commands.

The pen settings could be tweak a bit, probably.

(I'd be happy to do it for you.)


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