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>Hello all,
>I succeeded to read it with Corel PaintShopPro XI and then converted it to 
>PDF with PDF Creator. The PDF file is 113kB but zip down to 96kB. Let me kow 
>if you're interested, and where I can put it (I don't have a server 
>available here).

I read that file into CorelDraw, keeping it as a vector file.  I used Acrobat to
create a PDF, still in vector format.  42kb.

Brooke, AutoCAD should be able to read in an HPGL.  Look at your file suffix options.
sometimes an HPGL file is a .plt (plot) file.  That's what Corel wants to see, though
it handled .hpg OK.

In any event, you'll want to keep them in vector format for all the obvious reasons.
If AutoCAD can't do it, send 'em to me or put them up for download and I'll convert
them for you.

I recommend putting the HPG files up too, as they can be directly squirted to a
plotter without having to go through any intermediate process.

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