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David Forbes dforbes at dakotacom.net
Tue Dec 4 01:00:42 EST 2007

At 8:06 PM -0500 12/3/07, Daun Yeagley wrote:
>Hi Chuck
>Have you ever attempted, or know someone who has rewound or repaired 
>the coils?
>There was a guy on the Yahoo Accutron list that was experimenting 
>with it, but I
>don't know the final outcome. Seems that wire is thinner than most normally
>available wire.

Funny you should mention that... I was just asked today to wind a 
batch of subminiature superconducting magnet coils for the SuperCam 
heterodyne submillimeter array receiver they're building down the 
hall at my office. I've done it before.

These coils have 1800 turns on a bobbin that's not too much bigger 
than those in an Accutron. I seem to remember that the wire is 25 
microns - close to 48 gauge.

I use an old old German motorized coil winder that goes smoothly from 
very slow to very fast and has a gear-driven traverse mechanism. With 
some careful adjustment, it works quite well.

The winder would need a special wire guide made to accommodate the 
fact that the bobbin has a protrusion that gets in the way of a 
straight wire feed. But that's just a little piece of metal; no big 

This could be a fun sideline if the quantity and price are sufficient 
to make it worthwhile.

--David Forbes, Tucson, AZ

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