[time-nuts] Watches - the china connection

Daun Yeagley daun at yeagley.net
Tue Dec 4 16:03:24 EST 2007

If you were to look on the Accutron list at Yahoo, you would see plenty of
evidence that Bulova has turned it's back on the Accutron (the real one.. not
the quartz cheapies)
Also, some possible good news is that Citizen (Japan) just bought Bulova.  What
makes this even more interesting is that at one time they were building
Accutrons under license!


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Hi Chuck,

Well, there is another point of view to consider.  If Bulova cannot see the need
then MAYBE
there is nothing wrong with someone else providing that which is wanted.

Of course they should be up front and put there own name on it.  It seems that
Bulova has
cheapened their product to some extent and are not paying attention to the


Chuck Harris wrote:

> The Spaceview is the Accutron model that everyone seems to want (even I want
> so much so that the Chinese are now making the necessary reproduction parts to
> convert a model with a normal dial to a Spaceview.
> Apparently, there is no fraud so large, or so small that somebody in China
> won't do the work necessary to make the fraud possible.
> -Chuck Harris

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