[time-nuts] Super stable BVA Quartz resonators... BVA??

Brian Styles brian.styles at cdmnet.org
Fri Dec 7 19:15:11 EST 2007

Didier Juges wrote:

 > Maybe the cut is simply a smoke screen and the outstanding performance
 > is actually due to other process detail(s) not disclosed?

There's quite a bit of guff on the "Oscilloquartz" website - especially 
if you find your way to the OXCO 8607-B datasheet (pdf).

I'm not qualified to weigh this all up, but they point out a double oven 
and an "electrodeless, SC-cut, 3rd overtone crystal, decoupled from its 
mounting structure by four rigid bridges". And they go on to list the 
consquent benefits.

They've made over 10,000 of them. Anyone know what they're charging...?


-Brian Styles

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