[time-nuts] Super stable BVA Quartz resonators... BVA??

Javier javier at nebulosa.org
Sun Dec 9 12:17:51 EST 2007

Yes, I know... I was only exposing it as an example of how the 
temperature coefficient can be quite higher compared with the aging 
effect even if the quartz crystal is not intended to be used as a 
temperature sensor :)



Bernd T-Online escribió:
> Javier wrote:
>> Anyway, a 10544 oscillator has a cold 
>> offset that can easily be of 1000Hz, so if at 80 deg. C the offset is 
>> zero, and at 25 deg. C the offset is 1000Hz, you easily have a rough 
>> 15Hz/deg C average tempco in that range - and the aging drift for this 
>> oscillator is quite less than that.
> The 10544A incorporates an AT cut crystal. The tempco is far away from 
> being linear. From room temp to the oven temperature it follows a 3rd 
> order parabola, which has its minimum at the oven temperature. This 
> "trun-over tempearture" varies from unit to unit, which means that the 
> slope of f(T) also changes form unit to unit.
> Not the best approach for measuring temperatures ;-)
> At the other hand, the current consumption of the 10544A decreases 
> fairly linear with temperature, so this is a better (but rather slow) 
> temperature sensor, which would even work without the quartz...
> Regards
> Bernd
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