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My name's Jason, and I must admit to being drawn in by the fascinating
article on Wired. ( if that makes me a dork, so be it!)

As a kid I thought it was neat to try and set my watches and clocks to
WWV from the cheap, crummy 1960's JC-penny all-band receiver , but was
always annoyed that the net result was "The time on the clock in the
front of the classroom IS the correct time, and the only clock that
matters, PERIOD.  ;)

In terms of "Knowing thy enemy," I find this study of time very
intriguing.  I've also built the AVR oscilloscope clock kit, (board
which drives a regular scope) which has the option of being driven by
an external source. I've also scrounged some battered gear with Nixie
displays, a Nixie clock is definitely  on my list of things to do.

So I've read through the links on
http://www.leapsecond.com/time-nuts.htm... some of this stuff I
understand, some I clearly don't!  Any other links to newbie-type
documentation would be greatly appreciated.

I guess my interest at this point would be as such: Obtaining an
accurate time signal, from GPS, etc, possibly accurising it further,
and then using it to likely BOTH drive a homebrew clock, AND setting
the time on one of my computers that would become my "master time

My first two targeted questions are:

1)  I have a Handar 541 WWV receiver. I've searched high and low for a
manual for the the thing (so I can power it up without frying it) with
no luck, even the company that acquired Handar couldn't put their
hands on a copy. Would anybody on this list have this info?

2)  What exactly IS, and what is contained within the Lucent RFG XO? I
did a bit of googling, and didn't come up with any documentation for
this device. Is the "manual" out there?  Being a Ham who enjoys older
tube-based gear, I gather that at its simplest, its not unlike a "xtal
calibrator" reference oscillator.

Jason kf6pqt

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