[time-nuts] Upgrading possibilities for more accurate, precise stable time system

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
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Hi Ronald:

Have a look at the different time transfer methods at:

Since these involve receiving a signal from a transmitter you need to have a 
way to know which signals you can get in your building.

For example LORAN-C and WWVB are low frequency signals.  CDMA cell phone is 
microwave.  VLF military stations are used to send subs encrypted messages and 
have well controlled carriers.

Have Fun,

Brooke Clarke
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Ronald Held wrote:
> i thought of tha balcony option. The balcony as an overhang which
> effectively blots out the other half of ths sky not covered by the
> building. I cannot hang any antenna over the railing or on it(in my
> lease and enofrce;I asked), plus there are birds and squirrels which
> would get into it.
> Any other suggestions?
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>>If you have a porch or balcony, just drilled a 1/4 inch hole through the
>>edge of the sliding door frame to handle an external antenna. Hide the wire
>>in the carpet edge or behind the baseboard.
>>When you leave just caulk up the holes and no one's the wiser. Most of the
>>time (well the ones I lived in) apartments have touch up paint kits (or the
>>paint codes at the local big box) so you can fill nail holes and such for
>>move out.
>>I did this at four different apartments and no one ever found it, or if they
>>did, didn't care. Most of the time I drilled three holes for coaxial cables
>>to DirecTV and 58532A GPS antenna mounted on the back of the DirecTV antenna
>>(Note: I never used the thin flat strip to run coax through the door there
>>was too much static build up. That being said; it is still a viable option
>>for GPS or DirecTV).
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