[time-nuts] EZGPIB

Ulrich Bangert df6jb at ulrich-bangert.de
Mon Dec 24 06:29:50 EST 2007


as a small xmas present an improved version of EZGPIB is available from
the usual link


The biggest improvement against earlier versions is the support of all
(I hope so!) National Instruments GPIB interfaces. If the software does
not find a Prologix interface it turns into searching for an NI
GPIB32.DLL. If this is found it is loaded and used to scan for active
interfaces. The first detected interface is then used to perform all
GPIB actions. 

So one can write GPIB applications that use the same syntax regardless
whether being run on a Prologix based system or an NI based system.

Have a nice christmas & a happy new year

Ulrich Bangert

Feedback for that new feature is welcome!

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