[time-nuts] OT: Hewlett Packard paint codes

phil fortime at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 26 11:19:31 EST 2007

> Yes that works on the base color (light green), but when it comes to
> printing the graphics on the coated foil I need the RGB values, which they
> don't even know what that is.
> Going to try a printer (they know what color is) and see if they use their
> colorimeter to get the RGB values.
If you are doing this in Photoshop it's a simple task. First, load the image
of the original scan. Then on your floating toolbar click the left color box
(foreground color), that will open the color picker box. Put your mouse
pointer over the unknown color in the image and left click. Just make sure
you don't have the "only web colors" checked. That color picker box will
then show the RGB values as well as the hex value.


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