[time-nuts] RCC 8000

Peter Vince pvince at theiet.org
Mon Dec 31 09:31:42 EST 2007

Hello Ernie,

     Is this the RadioCode Clocks IFS8000R that you are interested in?  We have
one, and the manual.  There are (small!) circuit diagrams, but no software
information.  I believe versions were available with a serial port, but ours
doesn't have that.

     You MIGHT be able receive MSF if you make or buy a large loop aerial, but
there is always the problem of interference from PC monitors running at 1024x768
whose line frequency is very close to 60KHz.  I wonder if you might not be better
off receiving DCF, and then using a PIC to re-create the MSF code?  But you would
also have to re-create the 60KHz from the DCF 77.5KHz, so it might be more
trouble than it's worth.  Our IFS8000 no longer has an aerial - it was replaced
by a GPS system some years ago - but was left in the bay as a standby running in
"Freeze" mode.  It has proved very stable - it is currently running 7.5 x 10^-11
fast, but was 7.0 x 10^-11 a year ago, so ageing is very low.

     If we are talking about the same unit. I will try and scan the manual.  I
see that Gorgy Timing in France has a page on their website briefly describing
the older OCXO version, the IFS800: http://www.gorgy-timing.fr/ang/rtf/ifs800.htm
 and they have a branch in Karlsruhe - I wonder if they would be able to provide
you with more economical help?

           Happy New Year,

                 Peter Vince  (London, England)

On Mon Dec 31  4:05 , GandalfG8 at aol.com sent:

>In a message dated 30/12/2007 20:11:34 GMT Standard Time,  ernieperes at aol.com 
>Thanks  for the offer, well I am not in a hurry, just take your time.....I 
>have many  other project to go 
>I'll keep looking, just as well you're not in a hurry:-)
>About 10-15years ago I tried to  copy MFS but due to the close proximity of 
>DCF I was unable to copy.... maybe I  did not pay attention to the selective 
>active antenna and so on.....
>do you  think that I will be able? to receive MFS in Frankfurt?????
>I can separate them quite easily on a Winradio 313, using just a fairly  
>short length of wire or a "miniwhip" active antenna but I'm not right  on top of 
>either, although quite close to MSF in its new location.
>From the west coast of Scotland DCF77 is a much weaker signal so not sure  
>how usable it would be with a DCF77 timing receiver.
>I have no experience of reception in Frankfurt though so can't help  there.
>HKW-Elektronik produce a range of timing related products, I have a Galleon  
>timing module based on their parts, and amongst these they have tuned  
>antennas for both DCF77 and MSF.
>They might be able to advise on your reception posibilities.......

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