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Phaysal Khan mortal_f at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 18:21:38 EST 2007

Thanks for the responce. you are right, some where else i also found 7uS accuracy requirements as well, but these values seem to be a bit older. coz with HSDPA coming up, with bitrate upto 10.8Mbps, bit duration comes out to be 92.6 ns. this might need better synchronization accuracy than 10 or 7uS. I wonder if the accuracy limits have been modified for meeting such data rates?!.

What do u say abt this?


At 20:26:49 -0500, Sat, 03 Feb 2007 Mike Swrote...

At 07:11 PM 2/3/2007, Phaysal Khan wrote...
>Can anyone tell me, how important is timing for network 
>synchronization ( i am looking forward to some quantitative values), 
>how much accuracy is expected from timing references, especially GPS 
>and what are the main services, including CDMA which are using GPS as 
>timing receivers.

IS-97C (Recommended Minimum Performance Standards for Base Stations 
Supporting Dual-Mode Spread Spectrum Mobile Stations) requires minimun 
frequency accuracy of 0.05 ppm, and time reference accuracy of 10uS.

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