[time-nuts] 75Z vs 50Z for GPS receivers

Dr Bruce Griffiths bruce.griffiths at xtra.co.nz
Mon Feb 5 22:59:54 EST 2007


Analog sampling scopes used avalanche transistors to drive the snap off 
diode shorted delay line pulse generator which  in turn drove the diode 
sampling gate with picosecond risetime complementary pulses.

Didier Juges wrote:
> Bruce,
> I finally found the time to google for avalanche pulse generator and 
> found an App note from Zetex on the subject.
> I was not familiar with this technology, but it seems interesting.
> Amazing that you can get 50A pulses with sub-ns rise time out of a 
> device in an SOT-23 (or TO-92) package!
> I have uploaded the app note to 
> http://www.ko4bb.com/Test_Equipment/AvalanchePulser
> Now, I just need a scope fast enough to take advantage of such a short 
> rise time. Back to eBay again :-)
> Didier
> Dr Bruce Griffiths wrote:
>> Didier
>> You can always build your own 100A avalanche transistor pulser using 
>> several Zetex FMMT413s.
>> Bruce

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