[time-nuts] Austron 2010B possibilities?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sun Feb 11 13:32:28 EST 2007

> I had a thought, though -- would it be a worthwhile exercise to use
> the 2010B as a cleanup oscillator following my HP 5061A cesium?
> By the way, the 2010B has three loops, presumably phase, frequency,
> and aging.  The first loop has selectable time constants of 5, 250, or
> 5000 seconds; the second loop is 50,000 seconds, and the third loop is
> 200,000 seconds. 

What sort of crystal is in the 2010B and how does it compare to the one in 
the 5061A?

Is the cleanup coming from a better chunk of quartz or better software/PLL?

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