[time-nuts] TRIMBLE GPS RECEIVER MODULE PART# B12118-13321

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Tue Feb 13 14:03:44 EST 2007

I doubt he even paid $100 each for them. If he has a few hundred of them he
probably got them on a pallet bundle in an auction or about to be junked.

He might be able to sell a few at a premium price on eBay, but after

As for eBay fees... my calculations show about $16 - $20 for insertion +
ending fees. PayPal takes approx another 3% of what is sent, so that's at
least another $8. Assuming the price stays at $250... Any higher and of
course they go up.


> Hi Brooke,
> I Agree with Jason.
> $300 is a good try for 50 units on his side, he probably paid  $100 ea.
> them.
> He was willing to let a single unit go for $250 on Ebay with all the
> of listing it, taking payment, paying Ebay and Paypal their 10% share etc.
> He would probably let 10-15 ultimately go for $225  each. Unfortunately I
> out above that price, but I am also sure that  you can get his price below

> $250!
> Thanks for your efforts on this Brooke,
> bye,
> Said

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