[time-nuts] TTL to RS-232

N3IZN at aol.com N3IZN at aol.com
Tue Feb 13 20:22:39 EST 2007

Thought I would pass this on.
I was working on one of those GPS disciplined oscillators kits out  there and 
it didn't have provisions to read the NEMA data to see if it was  locked or 
not. So I was at the local electronics surplus parts store (AKA  junk place) 
and started looking for MAX232 chips and he directed me to a section  where they 
had cell phone accessory cables. 
This cable had a DB 9 on one side and the other plugged in to the cell  
phone. From his suggestion, I cut off the cell phone plug end and stripped the  
wires. Plugged it in to a pc with procomm running in "chat" mode. It was just a  
process of elimination to see which one was sending data and which received  
data. Hooked it directly to the GPS engine and it worked. A TTL to RS232 
adapter  for less than $4.

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