[time-nuts] Thunderbolt Purchase Person's list

Jeroen Bastemeijer J.Bastemeijer at TUDelft.nl
Thu Feb 15 03:13:59 EST 2007

Hello Colin,

Seems the Thunderbolt project is growing ;-)

 From the mails I see on the reflector, I conclude that a lot of people 
are willing to buy more units (than indicated / listed) if the price is 
right. Maybe something to consider in the negociations with the seller. 
For a lower price the seller can sell more (and hopefully for him earn 
more), and we can have more fun!

Good luck, and thanks for keeping the list,


Colin Bradley wrote:

>Here is the latest Thunderbolt purchase list. It is now near 40 units.
>Colin Bradley                           colinbradley10 at yahoo.com                         3 units  
>Didier Juges                             didier at cox.net                                             1 unit
>Robert E. Martinson                REMartinson at rcn.com                                 1 unit
>John Miles                               jmiles at pop.net                                             1 or 2
>Hal Murray                              hmurray at megapathdsl.net                             1 unit
>Said Jackson                           saidjack at aol.com                                         1 unit
>Scott Newell                            newell at cei.net                                              1 unit
>Jason Rabel                             jason at extremeoverclocking.com                    1 unit
>Jeroen Bastemeijer                  j.bastemeijer at tudelf.nl                                   1 unit
>Howard W. Ashcraft               hashcraft at hansonbridgett.com                       1 unit
>Larry Gadallah                         lgadallah at gmail.com                                      1 unit
>Elio Corbolante                        eliocor at gmail.com                                         1 unit
>Jim L Palfreyman                      jim.palfreyman at team.telstra.com                    1 unit    
>Norman J McSweyn                 normn3ykf at stny.rr.com                                 1+ units
>Hiro Takagi                              JI1QGK at apricot.ocn.ne.jp                            2 units
>Christopher Hoover                  ch at murgatroid.com                                        1 unit
>Robert Delien                           Robert at delien.nl                                            1 unit
>David Nelson                           david.nelson at bellcow.com                             1 unit
>Steve Courts                            steve65 at suddenlink.net                                 1 unit
>John Ackermann                       jra at febo.com                                                1unit
>Bjorn Gabrielsson                     bg at lysator.liu.se                                             2 units
>Marc Bury                                marc_bury at yahoo.fr                                      1 unit
>Jose V. Gavila                          eb5agv at ctv.es                                               1 unit
>Javier Herrero                          javier at nebulosa.org                                        1 unit
>Connie Marshall                       connie.marshall at suddenlink.net                      1 unit    
>Joe Landers                              joe_landers at pacbell.net                                 1 unit
>Dave Andersen                        dga at cs.cmu.edu                                             1 unit
>Tom Frank                               ka2cdk at cox.net                                             1 unit
>Hans Agema                             jsa at science.uva.nl                                           1 unit
>Brooks Shera                           ebs at wildblue.net                                             1 unit
>Chuck Clark                             af8z at panaband.com                                        1 unit
>Edwin B. Walker                      ebwalker614 at earthlink.net                             1 unit
>Peter Vince                               pvince at theiet.org                                           1 unit
>Phil Staton                                phil at barely.me.uk                                           1 unit
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