[time-nuts] Thunderbolt - Hardware Versions - Performance&Differenences

Jeroen Bastemeijer J.Bastemeijer at TUDelft.nl
Fri Feb 16 05:45:13 EST 2007

Dear Time-Nuts,

I think for most of the people on the list just want to have one for 
fun. Probably most of them have some more "serious" GPS standards already.
I checked the $375,= offer on Ebay.... its seems the guy Googled a bit 
and found a nice Thunderbolt description on the Trimble website. Some 
copy pasting  and the GPS receiver he is offering was "upgraded" to 
Cesium stability.

 From looking at the pictures of what he is offering, the receiver 
doesn't look like a Thunderbolt to me... Check e.g. the receiver 
section, it looks stripped down when you compare it to the "real 
Thunderbolt" version pictures (website and manual). Maybe this was an 
economy-class version????

For the rest the advertisement is vague. He gives no real technical 
data. Is someone able to verify the product-number at Trimble? And find 
the real specs?

Maybe not everyone will agree, but I think, based on the information we 
have from Ebay,  $100-$125 is a fair price for these units.

Regards, Jeroen

Norman J McSweyn wrote:

>Connie and the group:
>I think he's fishing. The auction has a three day term. One of the rules of 
>ebay is you can list it for any price you'd like. No one has to buy it, 
>I'm for sub $200 pricing. I don't need one either. Just another toy.
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