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Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
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>> have to pay (though I think anyone here would be willing to list a low 
>> value
>> & as a gift to help minimize those costs).
>The problem is that if your sending that many at once, customs will get 
>suspicious about the cost AND do you really want to send that many without 
>being properly insured.

I have some previous experience with this for the USA->EU case:

The major part of the cost in .eu is not actually customs or sales
tax, but rather the significant fees for handling the paperwork.

The best way to handle the .eu case, is therefore to ship bulk to
somebody who has his own (tax-registered) company, and have him
invoice, at cost, and mail the devices to the final recipients.

The very best way, is if that company already has been set up
for import handling, because then the paperwork happens afterwards
and the fees are lower ($25 instead of $50+).

It's important to pick your point-man in a country with low sales-tax,
because all cross-border company->consumer transactions have to
include sales-tax for the origin country.  For those who have
their own companies, the EU-EU transaction is without sales-tax.

And the best thing is: it's not only perfectly legal, it is the
straight and normal way of doing business.

Obviously, the point-man must be willing to do the unpacking,
packing, labeling and taking to the post-office legwork and there
will be a postage to pay from the point-man to the recipient


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