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Bruce Lane kyrrin at bluefeathertech.com
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Hi, Mike,

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On 16-Feb-07 at 16:53 Mike Fahmie wrote:

>Hello to all, I just stumbled onto the group while "Googling" for FMT 
>stuff. My call is WA6ZTY and had my 15 minutes of fame as the west coast 
>outlet for this years FMT. I am an ENR (engineer nearing retirement) at
>the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. where I work with very big power supplies 
>and with sub nanosecond timing for a cyclotron. I have had Time/Freq as
>one of my hobbies for about 20 years now.


	Welcome to the group. I grew up in Berkeley (and, in fact, worked for UC for a while as a telecomm and electronics tech) and, though my wife and I have lived in Washington (state) for 14 years, my roots are still very much with B-town. LHS was one of my favorite hangouts.

	Which repeaters (if any) do you normally hang out on? I come down every September to see family, and scrounge for surplus electronics. I can get in touch once I'm in the area.

	Keep the peace(es).

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