[time-nuts] TTL to RS-232

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See also: http://www.futurlec.com/Mini_RS232_TTL_5V.shtml, its $4.90.  They
also have a 3 volt version, same price.  They have many other interesting
parts etc.

My recent order came from Australia so it took 2 weeks to arrive.  Shipping
cost is reasonable.

Bob Martinson, N1VQR

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Thought I would pass this on.
I was working on one of those GPS disciplined oscillators kits out  there
it didn't have provisions to read the NEMA data to see if it was  locked or 
not. So I was at the local electronics surplus parts store (AKA  junk place)

and started looking for MAX232 chips and he directed me to a section  where
had cell phone accessory cables. 
This cable had a DB 9 on one side and the other plugged in to the cell  
phone. From his suggestion, I cut off the cell phone plug end and stripped
wires. Plugged it in to a pc with procomm running in "chat" mode. It was
just a  
process of elimination to see which one was sending data and which received

data. Hooked it directly to the GPS engine and it worked. A TTL to RS232 
adapter  for less than $4.
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