[time-nuts] carrier phase tracking GPS receiver

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sun Feb 18 21:47:18 EST 2007


Thanks a lot, I will wait until I get the unit and find out exactly 
which model it is, then I'll let you know what the next questions will 
be :-)

All applications I have seen referenced when searching google for 
"carrier phase tracking" had to do with surveying or precise tracking.

I assumed that if position could be determined more accurately, then so 
could time.

Thanks, I'll post more when I get the unit.

Thanks Jason for a nice repository of information too. I have some 
reading to do until the unit comes in.

Didier KO4BB

Dr Bruce Griffiths wrote:
> Didier
> Don't junk it, you can do very well with it if you have the version with 
> a carrier phase output, potentially much better than with a simple 
> timing receiver.
> .....
> If you want further details on the way to use the carrier phase data to 
> discipline your standard just ask.
> Bruce

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