[time-nuts] WAAS for Time and Frequency Sync Applications

Brooke Clarke brooke at pacific.net
Mon Feb 19 19:45:24 EST 2007

Hi Rob:

I'm concerned about using an 18 inch Ku band satellite dish for GPS. 

At Ku band a wavelength is about 1 inch so the dish is 18 wavelengths 

But at GPS a wavelength is about 8 inches and so the dish is a little 
over 2 wavelengths across, a much broader (if any at all) pattern.
Also I thought the signal from the satellites was circularly polarized, 
so bouncing it off a dish reverses the sense of the polarization.
So I can't see how they are getting the huge signal strength improvement 
that's in the paper.

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Rob Kimberley wrote:

>Rather than put it on my site, here is the link direct to Zyfer's site.
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