[time-nuts] OT: transfer of 3 GHz via fiber optic

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Mon Feb 19 23:00:16 EST 2007

This is somewhat off topic, but still a matter of precision timing.

A friend of mine wants to send a 3 GHz LO signal up a fiber optic cable.

I know there have been threads dealing with transmission of precise 
timing signals over fiber optics, and I hope I can get some suggestions 
where to look for more info.

I have found lots of links to high data rate laser transceivers, but 
while they all tout the high data rate, there is little specified about 
delay, and jitter is not very good, so it seems as a minimum he would 
need a clean-up PLL at the receive end. My initial recommendation was to 
send a precise 10 MHz (where did that come from?) via coax and have a 
synthesizer at the receive end, but he is trying to minimize the amount 
of hardware there.

Thanks in advance,

Didier KO4BB

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