[time-nuts] OT: transfer of 3 GHz via fiber optic

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Tue Feb 20 08:49:00 EST 2007

This is for a price sensitive commercial application, not a science 
project and he is trying to minimize the amount of hardware at the far 
end for cost and maintenance reasons.
A cleanup PLL becomes very costly when dealing with a frequency agile 



Hal Murray wrote:
>> A friend of mine wants to send a 3 GHz LO signal up a fiber optic cable.
> How crazy is your friend?  What's wrong with a cleanup PLL?
> As Bruce said, the people I know of who are good in that area are the radio 
> astronomers.  They need timing (phase) stability rather than just frequency, 
> so their problem may be harder than yours.
> Beware: time sink alert.  His references are fun reading.

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