[time-nuts] OT: transfer of 3 GHz via fiber optic

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Tue Feb 20 20:28:03 EST 2007

My understanding is that the immediate application is for fixed 
frequency, but my friend's products include some that are frequency 
agile, and he would like to be able to leverage the technology 
development across his product line.

In the agile application, I do not know how fast it must switch 
frequency, and by how much. I am still waiting for that information.

It is for a coherent doppler radar system, so it must be clean and 
stable in the short term. Long term drift can be relatively easily 
corrected in the receiver processor.

I do not know his specs yet, but some doppler radar amplifiers I make 
must have spurs <70 dBc between PRF lines, including switching frequency 
and line frequency spurs. Broad band noise and close-in noise are not a 
problem with my amplifiers, because they are usually masked by the LO 
phase noise. But, my business is typically for the military, so the 
environmental requirements, and cost, are usually not comparable to this 
commercial application.


John Miles wrote:
> How agile does it have to be, and how clean does it have to be?  "Optical
> microwave clock distribution" and "price sensitive" aren't terms you
> normally encounter in the same wing of the library.
> -- john, KE5FX
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>> Didier Juges wrote:
>>> This is for a price sensitive commercial application, not a science
>>> project and he is trying to minimize the amount of hardware at the far
>>> end for cost and maintenance reasons.
>>> A cleanup PLL becomes very costly when dealing with a frequency agile
>>> system.
>>> Thanks
>>> Didier
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