[time-nuts] Fine print on HP 5334B

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Thu Feb 22 18:55:16 EST 2007

In a message dated 2/23/2007 00:41:41 W. Europe Standard Time,  
richard at karlquist.com writes:

At HP,  what we liked to do was to run a synthesizer from
the frequency standard  and set it to put out an offset
frequency, like 10.0005 MHz.  (We had  the luxury of having
a lot of 8662's around :-)  We would then use the  HP
mixer box from the 5390 system (K59-53??? or something
like that) to  mix with the DUT and produce a 500 Hz
beat note.  This could then be  counted by any old counter to high

I like that idea! Got a couple of DC-coupled MiniCircuits mixers laying  
Will try that,
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