[time-nuts] GPS splitter

N3IZN at aol.com N3IZN at aol.com
Fri Feb 23 22:28:55 EST 2007

OK so the splitter is a mini circuits ZAPD-21 .5 - 2 Ghz splitter.
The center doesn't have a path to ground.
I mounted it on my rack next to my Thunderbolt clone and hooked it up  
leaving the other port open.
The thunderbolt appears to be working fine and I have 5 volts on the center  
The other unit I want to hook up is a Jupiter engine disciplining a 10 Mhz  
On the Jupiter I hooked pins 1&2 together so it also puts out 5  volts.
Any words of encouragement or discouragement before I hook up my Jupiter to  
the splitter?
If/when it locks up I want to compare the 2 units. I have a handheld 2  
channel scope.


I use a resistive DC-4GHz  minicircuits splitters  with  success, both 
ports providing 5V.

I also have  used just a simple BNC TEE surprisingly without any  problems  
whatsoever. Sometimes that works better than an Agilent 1-to-2  splitter  
since it 
doesen't add any amplifier noise.

Don't  connect a 3V configured GPS with a 5V one though even though the  
are usually overcurrent  protected.


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