[time-nuts] Important RTFG interface information

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Pins 1 and 5 on each unit control the failover functionallity.  If you 
disconnect them entirely on both the XO and RB units, both units will be in 
ON mode.  But it will be interesting to see what happens when it goes only 
one way.

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>I just acquired the mysterious interface cable that goes between the
> RTFG-m-XO and RTFG-m-RB units.  I have suspected that it wasn't a simple
> crossover cable, because the results I've seen with my homemade
> crossover haven't made a lot of sense.
> Here's the scoop:  the interface cable is a simple DB-9 to DB-9 ribbon
> cable with the ribbon flipped -- the striped side goes to pin 1 on the
> RB end, and to pin 5 on the XO end.  We pretty much knew that.
> However, the conductor on the other edge of the ribbon (between pin 5 on
> the RB end, and pin 1 on the XO end) is BROKEN in the middle.
> So, there is NO CONNECTION between XO pin 1 and RB pin 5.  (It goes
> without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that this means the cable ends
> are not interchangeable -- there is an XO end and an RB end.)
> Hope this is helpful.  I got a few more interesting bits and pieces
> along with this cable, but I think this is the important news for those
> of us trying to interface these units at home.
> John
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