[time-nuts] Circuit diagram for Efratom FRK-HLN 5 Mhz oscillator board

Arnold Tibus Arnold.Tibus at gmx.de
Wed Feb 28 15:25:39 EST 2007

Hello Ulrich and hello Nigel (nice to meet you here as well!), 

I would like to help if possible, as I am owner of a FRK-HLN 
with 5 MHz output. I own as well a operation and maintenance manual for 
the FRK (H or L) , but I realized quite soon, that the content of my
oscillator with 5 MHz is quite different as described and shown 
in am. manual, talking of the different 10 MHz circuits and boards, 
not mentioning the 5 MHz issue. I tried to find out the differences, 
but I stopped.
Since then I am as well looking for the correct manual and circuits 
for the FRK-HLN-1A2B2A, EFRATOM Part No. 703-200-8 5 MHz. 
Nigel, of course I am interested to help and to exchange informations, 
I have anyway to answer your last letter. 
I wonder if somebody could help with the special issue of manual.
greetings to all,

Arnold, DK2WT

On Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:54:53 +0100, Ulrich Bangert wrote:

>Hi folks,

>please allow me to ask the group on behalf of the future member Nigel
>Allinson whether anyone has an schematic diagram of the 5 MHz low noise
>oscillator board that Efratom used in the HLN (!) version of the FRK.


>Ulrich Bangert, DF6JB

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