[time-nuts] Giove A has become "official" now.

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Jan 15 05:41:01 EST 2007

In message <!&!AAAAAAAAAAAYAAAAAAAAAOYAZyOzV8ERq+LmT45ypI7CgAAAEAAAANmN9q6rAGNImVBQiPShhL0BAAAAAA==@btinternet.com>, "Rob Kimberley" writes:

>I'm still not convinced about the long term viability of Galileo especially
>against the "free" GPS.

I'm convinced that there is no short or long term viability for the proposed
economical model.

The only users who can be forced to subscribe to the "enhanced" services
are public or semi-public services like emergency, police etc.

Shipping usually takes a 10 year period for new rules to settle in, and
they havn't even talked about anything remotely close to demanding
galileo service.

Air transport recognize that Galileo is not a backup for GPS, since the
failuremodes are the same and the failure causes are identical.

Surveyors can't be forced to buy this service, they're perfectly happy
with GPS L1 + L2 and galileos enhanced services don't give them anything
they will pay for.

Roadpricing is the last hope, but that requires the legislative to have
balls (or ovaries), don't bet on it.

My conclusion is that Galileo was a bluff to force GPS under NATA
control and it didn't work out and now nobody has the balls (or
ovaries) to admit that.

In the end, the project will probably go ahead, paid by taxpayers.


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