[time-nuts] Z3801A Antenna

John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com
Sat Jun 2 22:28:00 EDT 2007

Bill Janssen said the following on 06/02/2007 07:39 PM:
> A friend of mine just picked up a Z3801 GPS receiver without the 
> necessary antenna.
> I know this has been discussed recently but am wondering what the 
> recommended (cheap but usable )
> antenna would be. I want to give him a recommendation or two. The 
> antenna has to be a 5 Volt version
> to match the Z3801A

Bill, I'm not sure if we have any left but TAPR had a few surplus
antennas that might need some coax cable added (ie, they only have a
short pigtail).  Check with the office (tapr at tapr.org) to see whether
any are left.


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