[time-nuts] Z3801A Antenna

michael taylor mctylr at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 13:49:56 EDT 2007

On 6/2/07, Bill Janssen <billj at ieee.org> wrote:
> I know this has been discussed recently but am wondering what the
> recommended (cheap but usable )
> antenna would be. I want to give him a recommendation or two. The
> antenna has to be a 5 Volt version
> to match the Z3801A

I actually have been using a el-cheapo generic passive GPS antenna fed
that came with about 10 feet of RG-174 or smaller. With the antenna
placed outside I was able to maintain a GPS lock at least 95% of the
time. Certainly usable while testing or in my case until I get around
to installing my active antenna. The patch antenna useful for initial
testing, as 10 feet is too short for my desired permanent

QST Oct 2002, "An Inexpensive External GPS Antenna"

I ended up purchasing a Oncore 2000 antenna (5V, 25dB) from Ridge
Equipment <http://www.ridgeequipment.com/store/page6.html> that I need
to install still (when there is no risk of thunderstorms).

-Michael, VE3TIX

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