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Jeroen Bastemeijer J.Bastemeijer at TUDelft.nl
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Dear All,

I'm working at Delft University. I know the group were Durk van Willigen 
used to work. He is now director of a company producing LORAN-related 
(timing) products (Reelektronika.nl).

A technician who used to work for him is still around in the university. 
I talked to him lately, but most of the knowledge about the LORAN 
reception has faded away... Allthough, if there are specific questions I 
might convince him to dig a little bit deeper in his memory ;-)

Greetings and 73's Jeroen PE1RGE

Enrico Rubiola wrote:

>Dear all,
>the old good Loean-C is still alive, as I can see.
>There is a funny thing about the receiver.  The case
>of loran signal is that of finding the zero-crossings in
>a very polluted signal.
>The receivers designed in the '80s use a 1bit ADC
>(hard limiter) sampling at some 10 MHz, and find the
>zero crossings through the statistics of 0s and 1s at the
>converter output.  They identify the envelope (needed
>for the zero crossing at 30 microsec from the origin of
>  the envelope) in this way.
>It has been demonstrated that in the case of detecting the
>zero crossings in highly polluted signals, if the hard limiter
>is used instead of the full resolution of an ideal ADC (infinite
>number of bits), the SNR is made worse by less than 2 dB.
>There are a few articles written by Durke van Viilligen,
>Delft University, somewhere between 1975 and 1980.
>On request, I can dig deeper in my memory and hard disks.
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