[time-nuts] solar flares and cesium drift

Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
Fri Jun 8 14:05:24 EDT 2007

I dont know about the cesium, but I can advise that in my opinion there have
not been any major geomagnetic storms in the past few days. In fact nothing
different to what has been happening for most of the last month. If anything
it is relatively quiet. Solar flares do not produce an magnetic effect, they
are purely radiation. What often happens is the emission of an associated
CME and the currently active area #960 was right on the limb of the visible
disc when the flares occured so any CME missed us. I supose it is possible
that the radiation has affected the accuracy of GPS as received after
passing through the ionosphere, but surely this would have been corrected
very quickly?

Cheers de Alan G3NYK

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> We've had several solar flares this past week.  My cesium standard has
lost about 200ns as compared with fallon loran and gps.
>   I was showing approximately 10 to 30 nanoseconds cesium drift  the
previous weeks when
>   solar activity was quiet.
>   I'm assuming all the drift I'm observing is my cesium standard (5061)
and not loran or gps
>   especially because loran is steered by gps and gps is steered by
>   Has anyone else noticed any extra cesium drift this week?
>   I'm assuming this drift is due to changes in the earth geomagnetic field
due to solar activity?
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