[time-nuts] solar flares and cesium drift

Alan Melia alan.melia at btinternet.com
Sat Jun 9 05:46:41 EDT 2007

Hi all, it seems this one is sorted out now, though i am not sure what the
final decision was....I guess you thought it was was Loran chain drift.
For reference this site at Colorado Univ plots the index Dst which is a
measure of the disturbance to the geomagnetic field by electrons/ions
trapped in the Equatorial Ring Current. You can see the 5th was quiet
compared with the 6th, but even then the variations are miniscule +/- 20nT
in around 50,000nT a severe storm will give a shift of around -400nT
Geomagnetic events usually lag associated flares by 48 to 56 hours.

Cheers de Alan G3NYK

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>   I dont know about the cesium, but I can advise that in my opinion there
> not been any major geomagnetic storms in the past few days. In fact
> different to what has been happening for most of the last month. If
> it is relatively quiet. Solar flares do not produce an magnetic effect,
> are purely radiation. What often happens is the emission of an associated
> CME and the currently active area #960 was right on the limb of the
> disc when the flares occured so any CME missed us. I supose it is possible
> that the radiation has affected the accuracy of GPS as received after
> passing through the ionosphere, but surely this would have been corrected
> very quickly?
> Cheers de Alan G3NYK
>   Hi Alan
>   What I was looking at was the xray events this past week from sunspot
#960 There has been about 40 medium size xray events and I assumed that
geomagnetic events went hand in hand with xray events and thought it was an
explanation for my cesium/loran drift.
>    I was wondering what specific dates you had this observation? I'd like
> compare that data, against some of the data I have.
> Raimond Melkers
> Hey Raimond here is my data please sent yours if possible.
>   From 17:26pdt on  6-04-07
>   To     07:20pdt on  6-05-07 I lost 40 to 50ns  and continuing
>   To     21:38pdt on  6-05-07 I lost another 10ns to 20ns and continuing
>   To     05:23pdt on  6-06-07 I lost another 100ns to 110ns (strong
winds ) continuing
>   To     06:13pdt on  6-07-07 I lost another 50ns  and continuing
>   To     17:45pdt on  6-08-07 I gained         90ns  could today gain be a
gps correction?
>     Happy Time keeping:
>    Tom
>   My orignal posting:
>   We've had several solar flares this past week.  My cesium standard has
lost about 200ns as compared with fallon loran and gps.
>   I was showing approximately 10 to 30 nanoseconds cesium drift  the
previous weeks when
>   solar activity was quiet.
>   I'm assuming all the drift I'm observing is my cesium standard (5061)
and not loran or gps
>   especially because loran is steered by gps and gps is steered by
>   Has anyone else noticed any extra cesium drift this week?
>   I'm assuming this drift is due to changes in the earth geomagnetic field
due to solar activity?
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