[time-nuts] Prologix GPIB-USB hint

Jack Hudler jack at hudler.org
Sat Jun 9 15:46:23 EDT 2007

++aread ... this issue (multiple devices talking) is what kept me from
trying USB/GPIB.

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A previous post had,
>Some GPIB instruments will complain if addressed to talk when they have not
>been asked about anything.  The HP6626A Power Supply is my present instance

I've got a half-dozen devices on the bus, and the behavior of ++auto 1 was
an issue. While it's convenient for continous readings from a single device,
it causes mass confusion with many. His new ++aread solves that issue. Just
remember to adjust the timeout to suit the device and measurement. With this
I can trigger multiple devices, then later go and collect the results.

Just completed testing Abdul's latest, and all the basic functionality looks
good, including SRQ and serial polls. He's been great to work with, upgrades
are very easy to apply, and progress has been good.

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