[time-nuts] another Ebay mixup

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Sat Jun 9 16:03:42 EDT 2007

In a message dated 6/9/2007 05:20:19 Pacific Daylight Time, didier at cox.net  

>You may want to run it through the cal because there are a lot  of things 
>that can go wrong without providing obvious clues on these  counters.


Hi John, Didier,
thanks for the feedback!
I got some updates: The RMS jitter goes down to 25 - 30ps if I don't use  
"Preset" but rather very carefully adjust the trigger level settings.

There is one position on the trigger pot that is extremely tight (maybe  1/5 
of a mm turn adjust on the pot!) where I get readings down to  <30ps.
With that, I can actually use the instrument in 1K average mode on TI and  
get readings that are meaningfull in the 10's of ps. Great! A lot better than my 
Seems I really do need to cal the unit carefully but I don't have the  
calibrator needed. I remember someone mentioning a gentlemen somewhere that  
specializes in calibrating this unit, does anyone here have his info? Does  Agilent 
still cal the units?

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