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Sat Jun 9 16:29:52 EDT 2007

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david.kirkby at onetel.net writes:

>I've had other similar instances, where the feedback I gave (or  did not 
>give), was a result of possible  retaliation.

Hi David,
there are some things one can do:
* Do a mutual removal of feedback (but the point is to warn other buyers,  so 
this helps you but not future victims)
* Wait until  the seller leaves feedback. They should leave feedback  after 
you paid the item
* Get the sellers contact info, and call them. If they don't answer the  
phone, let Ebay know, Ebay will try calling them (on a long weekend etc when  
folks are out works best). If Ebay doesen't get through, they will remove  their 
feedback from yours, but leave your feedback comment on theirs! Ebay  members 
have to be reachable by phone/voicemail at all times, otherwise your  account 
is considered delinquent.
I have not done this to anyone, but a seller used this nasty trick on me  
successfully. I had a negative from him, and he had nothing from me. Just  
because I did not answer my phone once, and had no voicemail service! I was not  
able to re-establish my feedback to him even after I contacted Ebay several  
times to fix it.
* Complain to Ebay, and/or our wonderfull little group here about the  seller.
Good luck,

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