[time-nuts] Prologix GPIB-USB hint

GerryG kanab2004 at kanab.net
Sun Jun 10 14:03:02 EDT 2007

Ulrich, this is an enhanced re-write of work I did back in 1979, where I had
several dozen pieces of equipment to control in the main test lab at
Raytheon. It's still being written, as I'm working with Prologix on issues,
and can't finish pieces until he fixes his part (yeh, blame the other guy!).
Thought we were clear for awhile, but just sent him another one.

In general, it's a C++ application, interactive or script driven. A device
profile script automatically handles many of the device differences,
including mask byte formats and packed data decoding.  Once I have full
functionality, will be adding GNUplot and a DLL interface, so more complex
applications can link to this. Then an optional bottom layer to use Prologix
via their DLL instead of the virtual port. This approach worked well in the

From past progress, I expect it'll be a few months. I see your email's in
QRZ, so I'll mark this to contact you later on, when I can make it

Am curious if you could then use the Windows version, or if you'll need the
Linux one, as I haven't started the port as yet?

Gerry K7ATS

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>> I built a general 488 script 
>> interface on top of his controller...
>So did I! Is your's published so that I perhaps may learn something from
>74 de Ulrich, DF6JB

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