[time-nuts] another Ebay mixup, 5370

Didier Juges didier at cox.net
Sun Jun 10 18:03:26 EDT 2007

Just for grins, I switched the 5370A to external reference and used the 
10 MHz from the Thunderbolt (through my cheap distribution amplifier) 
and the 10 MHz output of the 5370A did not change a bit (as seen on the 
scope). So the spikes in the waveform must be coming from the lack of 
selectivity of the output filter on the amplifier board. I believe I 
adjusted it to peak the amplitude, but that makes the little spikes 
occur near the zero crossing, which may not be good, I wonder if it 
would not be better to detune the circuit to make those spikes appear 
farther from the zero crossing? They would be less likely to affect the 
rest of the circuit.


SAIDJACK at aol.com wrote:
> Hi Didier,
> thanks for the pics! Yes, the signals almost look the same. Your 10MHz  
> output is even a bit more noisy. On the Wavecrest set to Oscilloscope mode (it  can 
> work like a normal high-speed scope) I see the small humps around the zero  
> crossing appear and disappear quickly, so I think these are causing the  
> modulation, and hence the >200ps jitter. Not a clean sine-wave for sure. I am  glad 
> it's not just my unit.

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