[time-nuts] H-Maser, but not on ebait...

Scott Lacy time2 at arcind.net
Sun Jun 10 18:16:11 EDT 2007

> From: Neon John <jgd at johngsbbq.com>
> Hi Scott,
> Just dropping a note to thank you for putting those manuals up.  I've learned a LOT
> by studying particularly the service manual.

Hi John,

You're welcome, and, by the way, I do have both an auto-feeding scanner (sorry about the diagonal pages, someday maybe I'll go 
back and re-scan those) and a flat-bed 11x17 scanner. So if someone here needs scanning done, I'd be happy to do it, just to 
contribute to the database.

> This may be a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway.  With so many factors
> affecting the hydrogen's masing (is that the correct term) frequency - temperature,
> pressure, magnetic field, etc), how can a maser be a primary standard?  I understand
> that it can be an incredibly stable transfer standard but how can it be considered a
> constant?

What Tom said...

> One more question.  I noted in the service manual where it states that the quartz
> resonator is coated with teflon to prevent "hydrogen interaction" or some such term.
> Does that mean that the monatomic hydrogen in the resonator would react with the
> quartz and be consumed or is there more a concern for sputtering of the quartz
> surface?

The primary concern is that contact will cause spontaneous transitions, eventually overwhelming the stimulated transitions and 
killing the oscillation.


> John
> ---
> John De Armond

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