[time-nuts] another Ebay mixup, 5370

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Sun Jun 10 21:51:35 EDT 2007

In a message dated 6/10/2007 15:08:35 Pacific Daylight Time, didier at cox.net  

>scope). So the spikes in the waveform must be coming from the lack  of 
>selectivity of the output filter on the amplifier board. I believe  I 
>adjusted it to peak the amplitude, but that makes the little spikes  
>occur near the zero crossing, which may not be good, I wonder if it  
>would not be better to detune the circuit to make those spikes appear  
>farther from the zero crossing? They would be less likely to affect  the 
>rest of the circuit.


Hi Didier,
looking at the 10MHz input schematics, there is probably an opportunity to  
make these 5370B units a lot better. Even the 50MHz and 200MHz multiplier 
boards  could be done a lot better nowadays, say with Crystal based VCXO's.
I always like opportunities like this that give better performance in an  
evening or two worth of experimenting.

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