[time-nuts] another Ebay mixup

Jeroen Bastemeijer J.Bastemeijer at TUDelft.nl
Mon Jun 11 03:32:13 EDT 2007

Dear Norm and others,

Had the same experience with the seller.... (Maybe it was the "same" 
counter?) Got my money back finally, but it took several weeks. We 
agreed on the refund of the money for the unit and the shipping. I kept 
the "wacky" counter as a "refund" for the customs duties and taxes I had 
to pay. Shortly after, I bought an 5370B from a non-technical seller, 
which came perfectly packed, even better cosmetic condition and works 
perfectly..... for a lower price!

73 Jeroen PE1RGE

Norman J McSweyn wrote:

>Apropos the conversation:
>Techrecovery sold me a 5370a that was toast. The customer service guy gave 
>me a runaround for six weeks trying to first get another instrument and 
>after I gave that up as a lost cause, then a refund.
>I had to threaten to get MasterCard involved.
>My MO is to give the feedback that is deserved. Screw my feedback rating. It 
>hurts the seller more than the buyer.
>Happy ebaying!
>Norm n3ykf 
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