[time-nuts] 5370 Time interval calibrator.

Robert Atkinson robert.atkinson at genetix.com
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Hi Said,
The J06-59992A Time interval calibrator is quite a simple unit. It's
basically a pair of RF power dividers, one 0 deg the other 90 deg and a
couple of relays to swap the signals around. One selects in phase or 90
out of phase, the other swaps the start and stop signals. The first is a
simple relay, the second an Omron 50R RF model with carefully laid out
tracks. There is also a DC block and a circuit to apply a DC offset if
your signals have one. The manual is on the HP archive, thanks to Jack
The dividers are current Mini-Circuits models but I guess that they are
not critical. 
It's on my list to build one. I was going to use a 4 port "transfer"
type coaxial relay to do the start-stop swap, this should have even
better balance than the Omron and PCB tracks, and has direct SMA output
connectors. The HP unit also has an HPIB control for automatic use but
this is optional. It's discrete logic so even that could be copied.

Robert G8RPI.

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>However there are some capacitively (critically?) tuned resonant  
>circuits which will need some care to adjust  correctly.

I'll give it a try, after taking close up pictures of all the trim-caps

settings, and hoping they don't have any hysteresis...
Still worried that I don't have the required equipment though.

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