[time-nuts] Information on OVCXO

Don Johnson true-cal at swbell.net
Tue Jun 12 16:28:19 EDT 2007

Hello Time-Nuts,
I just become the owner of a Precision Crystal EROS-750- SBR -4 voltage controlled OCXO. I believe that this is the oscillator that is used in the SRS SR620 Frequency Counter when it has the 2-ppb option-01 timebase (please correct me if wrong info). The unit has four terminals simply labled 1-4 on the bottom as well as the case studs. The label says it is a +15VDC unit. Can anyone provide the pin-out of this oscillator. Short of an actual pin diagram, can anyone suggest a way to help identify each pin function, i.e. DC resistance, AC impedance, safely applying power with series resistance? I do not want to blow this unit as I have high hopes for it as a replacement disciplined oscillator in my Trimble Thunderbolt GPS timebase. I will be glad to share my conversion experience as I proceed with this project. Thanks in advance for any help.
Don Johnson
True-Cal Services

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